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Ongoing challenges - expertise and market trends

LONATI has a management team skilled at anticipating trends on each continent, and a streamlined organisation geared towards the needs of the company's business partners, with personnel and technologies being continually updated. 

The industrial site is situated in Brescia, in the San Polo area, and stretches across 80,000 m2, which includes an area of 24,500m2 under cover. Potential annual production amounts to approximately 10/11,000 machines consisting of over 50 models, with an international market penetration of 60%, and particular focus on emerging markets such as China and Turkey, not forgetting traditional markets such as North and South America, Europe, and part of Africa. Business support is provided through an international network that covers 70 countries throughout the world, with high-quality operational services in line with the Lonati philosophy that high product quality goes hand in hand with excellent customer relationships.

Almost 80 years of innovation

Like other major Italian companies, Lonati was founded at the end of World War II, in 1946. Founded by Cav. Francesco Lonati in Rezzato, a small town in the province of Brescia, it was to be the first production unit of circular machines for men’s and children’s socks. In 1952 the new Brescia plant already measures 1,000 square meters and employs 30 people, and in 1956 the world’s first circular machine for the production of women’s socks with two feeds is unveiled. In 1960 exports expand beyond Europe to Australia, New Zealand, Japan, the Philippines, South Korea, Mexico, Chile, South America, North America, and Scandinavian countries. Under the leadership of the second generation, brothers Ettore, Fausto, and Tiberio, the company keeps growing, and in 1980 Lonati becomes a world leader, producing 90 percent of the machines used in hosiery production.
Over time, other important industrial entities become part of the Lonati Group, in 1985 Dinema, which deals with electronics, and Tecnopea, another historic mechanical-textile company acquired in 2000, this allows both to produce all components in-house and to expand growth to new sectors of the economy ranging from real estate, metallurgy, education, and food.
The new generations have continued the long path to innovation that led to the launch of the new digital project UNLIMIITEX at ITMA 2023, the most important event in textile industry.

Our company values

Believe in your work

Learning Attitude

The willingness to learn from everything around us. A positive, open-minded attitude that allows you to grow more. 

Research, Development, Innovations

The desire for continuous improvement by finding new, more efficient yet less costly environmentally friendly solutions. 

Team Working

The ability to work as part of a team. Being able to share expertise and optimize interdisciplinary team work. 

Customer Satisfaction

Never lose sight of the most important goal: customer satisfaction. This is the main motivation of our work. 

Excellence Inspired

The drive to achieving excellent results can only be powered by the highest quality standards. Excellence as a method of ongoing development. 

Target Focusing

Every action becomes more effective if it has a clear, determined objective. Focusing on resources and activities generates the best results.  

Ecological sustainability

Sustaining tomorrow's world today

Ecological sustainability

A leadership position brings with it considerable responsibility. Lonati uses environmentally-friendly technologies and strict protocols to safeguard the environment, and this is a fundamental strategic objective for efficiently managing processes, increasing company value and satisfying customers. The SGI system, which has been endorsed with UNI EN ISO 9001/2015 and ISO 45001/2018 certification, is testimony to our ongoing commitment. 


Safety at work


Safety at work is essential for Lonati, and is pursued with considerable focus and determination. The analysis of each product and production process assigns primary importance to preventing the risk of incidents in everyday work activities. Lonati considers every detail in this very important area, in accordance with existing legislation and the highest level of accreditation.

Health & safety

Supporting personnel

Health & safety

The health of employees, and the wider community in general, is a right that must be protected with every means available. Lonati ensures employees have full support with regard to prevention, treatment and rehabilitation through the global management of health and safety in all activities, motivating and involving personnel in all aspects of health and hygiene, as endorsed by leading international accreditation bodies.


Improving every day


For a company that has been a leader for more than 70 years, quality represents a daily consideration, involving ongoing research directed at aspects linked to production processes and procedures specific to product types. Technological development in every area, a focus on compliance and the effectiveness of structures and tools, and electronic document management - all Lonati activities are involved in an ongoing process of improvement. 

Documents and Certifications

Certifications and Code of Ethics