Spare parts for any model of Lonati Circular Knitting Machine

High technology and great experience in the production of circular knitting machines for hosieries, allow Lonati Spa to offer a wide range of spare parts for over 98% of the machines installed.

The Lonati after-sale service is always at customer's side to help getting the most out of our knitting machines and keep their value over the years in order to:
  • Increase customer's satisfaction
  • Ensure availability of spare parts throughout the years
  • Ensure a qualified customers service throughout the whole production cycle of the machine
By choosing LONATI one joins thousands of satisfied clients around the world, who not only have a product but become part of a high-qualified network of services..

As a matter of fact, LONATI S.p.A. counts on a technical assistance service - either mechanical and electronic - run by high-specialized technicians able to come up with the best solutions to all sort of problems. The customer service also provides for a pre and after-sale training on machines and software applications.

Ensuring that everything runs smoothly in your hosiery

No one better than LONATI S.p.A. knows how to combine people and products to achieve outstanding productivity.
This philosophy is pretty much evident in the wide range of spare parts and services designed to meet, and even overcome, the maintenance requirements needed by any performance to be carried out at best. All Lonati knitting machines represent the company's commitment aiming at ensuring low operating costs throughout the whole life of the machine.
Easy maintenance, the best spare parts supplied in the shortest delivery time as well as an efficient after sale service help increasing productivity for each machine.

The management of Lonati spare parts

LONATI S.p.A. offers a full range of spare parts and accessories for a wide range of machines branded LONATI. The spare parts warehouse has over 40 000 items available at any time. There is only one name for good quality parts and that is LONATI. They all meet the highest standards of quality and can be selected and ordered by consulting catalogues.

The core of success

To maximize efficiency and customer service, order processing and inventory control are managed by a bar-code system. Clients can place orders on the e-commerce area on our web site. Accuracy and speedy-delivered orders are ensured. Depending on urgency, dispatches are made by air, by truck, by sea and also within 24 hours via express courier. All of that is designed for clients to keep machines running and get the best out of them.
The after-sales service counts on the most advanced technological instruments and provide:
  • Distribution and management of spare parts
  • Personalized kits for special needs.
  • Marketing searches to stimulate dialogue with clients
  • E-commerce endowed with:
  • Analysis of parts and services
  • Spare Parts Catalogues
  • On-line purchasee
  • Increased efficiency dealing with clients
  • Repair of electronic boards
  • Technical support at customers'